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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Salon

Basically the cabin is one large (well not so large, but big enough) room.  It's 8 ft wide and about 16 ft long, with the galley aft.  When we first bought the tug we thought we would be adding on to the cabin but after living aboard for over a year we found that we just don't need extra room and we like the original lines of the tug.

We built a settee (boat for couch) by re purposing a desk Bill had built for me out of a pallet. It was a very nice pallet, solid oak.  The desk top was a chunk of lab table top (you know the stuff from chemistry class)  that was salvaged from a construction site.  We used that in the stateroom on top of the dresser.  We made the settee with space underneath for the dogs (they're small) that's where we put their water and food dishes.  For the cushion we cut down a foam mattress we had lying around, this way the settee can also be used as a guest bunk.  Eventually we'll have the cushions professionally upholstered, but for now the futon cover works fine.

  The wall opposite the settee is the stack, all the exhaust piping from the engine room (engine and genset) go up through the stack.  On that wall we built in our entertainment center.  We had a large flat screen tv before we bought the boat, so we just built it to fit. 

To the right of the built-in is a door, this covers a space next to the stack that is now useable as a locker.  There's a door to the outside, so it can be a wet or dry locker, creating storage from what had been an unusable space.  The wood we used is mahogany, it was salvaged from a house on Lake Washington.    The cabinets provide much needed storage for laptops.
For the floor we laid down a bunch of carpet tiles we picked up at the re-use store.  Future plans call for a nice T&G solid wood floor to cover the plywood.

Update on the Salon:  Well we gave up on the custom settee, we had the cushions professionally done and they did not come out as expected.  It ended up being as comfortable as a church pew and not the nice padded kind with a slant to the back, but the straight up, rock hard kind.  So it was off to Ikea for a nice leather loveseat that fits perfectly but is a little deeper than we would have liked.  It looks good, it's comfy and the dog hair just brushes off.  Bill made the table, it's a hi-lo table. We can adjust the height from coffee table to dining table.   Put up the flap on the end and there's room for 4 to dine. 

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