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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our tug, our home, sank.

I've been trying to update the blog with the news of the tug sinking, but it's still too soon.  I just can't write about it in detail yet.  But please know that we are not giving up on our tug, she's on the rails at FVO and work has already been done to get her back in the water.  There's no clear reason on why she sank, our best guess is a combo of a very hot dry summer, record rains, gale force winds and the fact we were gone most of the summer.  The dry summer could have caused a fair weather seam (seam above the waterline) to dry out and open and then record rains (record rains in Seattle is a heck of a lot of rain) plus 60+ mph winds could have caused water to ship in through the seam.  We had checked the auto bilge pump and high water alarm before we left the boat 2 weeks before and both were working just fine.

So now it's back to almost square one.  But we've been wanting to re-do the galley anyway.  :)
 We've had so much help and support from all of our friends, it's been overwhelming.  We couldn't have made it through these last few days without them.  We have amazing friends.

Here she is safe on the railway at FVO at Fisherman's Terminal.  Some caulking and a few planks (hey she's out, why not replace a few planks now) and she should be back in the water by the end of next week.  I'll do a better job of updating sometime in the near future, but right now it's just a bit much to deal with and we're doing what we can to get back to normal. 

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