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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Iver and Namu the Killer Whale

 Our tug has a rather infamous history that includes the capture of one of the first killer whales held in captivity.  In the summer of 1965 Foss Tug Co. sent the Iver Foss to tow poor Namu the Killer Whale from a small fishing village in British Columbia where he had been trapped by fisherman, to Pier 56 in downtown Seattle.  A newspaper photographer went along and documented the entire trip.  The tug had to move very slowly as it towed the pen with Namu swimming inside, it took them 2 very long weeks and the crew grew very attached to their tow.
Here's a link to a story about Namu and the other orca's captured at that time. And here's another link with more photos of the tug delivering Namu to Pier 56 in Seattle.  Sports Illustrated even had an article about it.  Be warned though, all the stories have sad endings.  The only good thing that came out of all those poor whale captures is that they changed the public's perception about killer whales.

After his death scientists studied recordings of Namu and decided he was from C1 Pod, they believe that Namu's mother died in 1995 and his sister is still alive out in the wild.  

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