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Monday, November 9, 2009

Okay, we're a bit crazy...........

We went and bought a tugboat, a real tugboat, not one of those fancy tugboat like yacht things, but an honest to god working tugboat.  This boat used to tow barges and log rafts up and down the puget sound.  It was built in 1925 in Port Angeles for the Port Angeles Sand and Gravel Co.,  after a year or so it was sold to the Foss Tugboat Co. and spent the next 47 years as a working tug for Foss.  It then passed to a couple of other small tug operators and then to Jason, he bought the boat 10yrs ago and had been using it as a liveaboard.
We've been looking at big wooden boats for the last year or so, mainly converted fishing trollers, trawlers and gillnetters in the 30ft to 40ft range. We wanted something big enough to take our kayaks with us when we went cruising. We never considered a tugboat, they're huge, have huge engines for towing, and did I mention how big they are?  Huge!  But I had been seeing this ad on craigslist for the last few months and when the price dropped considerably I sent the ad to Bill.  It was just across the ship canal from our Seattle rental house, so we thought we'd just go take a look.  It was love at first sight, we considered the pros and cons for about a week and then jumped in with both feet and bought ourselves a tugboat, a huge wooden tugboat!  

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